Food label consciousness, calorie counting or food diaries, low fat/low carb combination diet, plant-based food, fasting and unrestricted diets are everywhere from celebrity posts, to book guidelines or video tutorials. But these trends keep on evolving all throughout the years and the name even changes so frequently that it may seem hard to keep in track.


Diet plans may focus on calorie count or low carbohydrate consumption to treat medical conditions such as diabetes or high cholesterol levels in cardiovascular diseases. But other weight loss programs prefer exclusion of protein or meat as that of veganism or vegetarianism to increase anti-oxidants that fight cancer and other inflammation related illnesses. And yet still others prefer an aggressive approach to influencing the body’s metabolism and achieve weight loss like in cases of obesity or other eating disorders.

Let us know two research-based diet plans that are highly recommended by experts not just for weight loss but also as a solution to several medical problems and long term body health.

Ketogenic or Keto Diet involves a low carbohydrate, high fat eating plan that has been used for centuries in treating or controlling diabetes. It was even introduced as an alternative treatment for children in epilepsy. Other medical conditions like cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease showed promising improvement with this kind of diet.

Although it started off as such diet for medical purposes, its popularity now is a weight loss program that combines fasting and restricted eating. It is distinctive when compared to other low carb/low fat diet because of its exceptionally high-fat content of about 70% — 80% of the meal with moderate protein or meat intake and little to none of carbohydrate rich foods like that of starchy root crops, grains like cereal, pasta or rice, and that of beans and some fruits.

In contrast to previous healthier food concepts about fat, it allows consumption of saturated fat, processed meats, cheese, butter, nuts and seeds. Many prefer this type of diet because it involves inclusion of tasty food rather than gulping down green juice of unimaginable taste. Although many researches proved great medical benefits like decrease excessive appetite, controlled insulin levels and noticeable weight loss, many medical experts still give precaution on possible long term effects. It is noted by many health coaches to give fast weight loss results but should be done on a short period of time only.


Gluten-Free Diet has been known to be the health plan for patients having celiac disease. It came about when researchers found an alternative way of treating bloating and intestinal damage that resulted from the medical condition. Gluten can be found in Avoiding gluten that triggers the inflammation also improved digestion, supple and glowing skin plus increase energy thus curbs the appetite in addition to shedding a few pounds. With that it has gained popularity as fueled by celebrity endorsements and testimonies to be a contender in leading healthier diet plans. But much is still needed for long term observation and close monitoring for non-celiac patients or healthier individuals opting for this kind of lifestyle. As gluten is mostly found in many food groups, it is a challenging diet to follow with regards to availability and economic reasons. As most individuals react differently to gluten, this is also not advisable for just anybody whether one is trying to treat a medical condition or pursuing weight loss.

As more and more fad diets come out coupled with convincing testimonies and pictures, take time to understand your body and daily routines in choosing the best method for attaining a healthier body. Some take on this road for a limited time only like a few months to a year while some rarely commit to it for a lifetime. It is always your choice and how your body responds that dictates the success of your weight loss journey. The important things is your commitment and determination to gain control of your health issues if there are and be the best version of yourself in pursuing your goals.


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